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    Meet Julio, a 24-year old student at Miami Dade College (MDC), lives with his father and his disabled mother. Before enrolling at MDC, Julio was working as a construction surveyor in Dade County. He loved his job, but due to a downturn in industry growth a few year ago, he was laid off. After he lost his job, his family was barely able to pay bills and cover the cost of his mother’s care, barely getting by paycheck to paycheck.

    Click here to find out how Single Stop helped Julio.

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  • Single Stop USA is a revolutionary initiative to slash poverty

    Single Stop USA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals build economic security. We offer a unique “one-stop” program that combines benefits screening and application assistance with tax preparation, legal assistance and financial counseling. These resources promote health; help individuals to overcome barriers to attending school; help families to remain in their homes; and offer a path to economic stability.

    Every year, billions of dollars in existing resources that can alleviate poverty and provide resources such as food, child care, and medical access to millions of struggling families go unclaimed.

    Single Stop USA seeks to change that.

    Using specially designed software, we can screen individuals in as little as 15 minutes for eligibility on major benefits. Our services are provided at no cost to the individual and in one location at each of our sites.

    To reach individuals and families who are most in need, we deliver our suite of services at locally-based community organizations, health clinics, job training centers and community colleges  - more than 90 sites in seven states.

    Single Stop is high-impact and high return. Every dollar invested in Single Stop produces $15 in benefits and services.

    Join Single Stop.

    In partnership with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation Single Stop is excited to announce that we will be working to expand our services to several new states and colleges in the Gulf Coast Region over the course of the next five years. We are currently accepting letters of interest from qualified institutions that would like to be considered for participation in this initiative.  Additional information is available upon request. Letters of interest and requests for more information should be sent to awilson@singlestopusa.org.