Although over 46 million Americans live below the federal poverty line; billions of dollars in government-subsidized benefits go unclaimed every year.  Low-income earners, always concerned about job loss, can’t afford time away from work to visit multiple government offices to determine benefits eligibility.  Moreover, many people don’t realize that they qualify for assistance.  Some feel overwhelmed by bureaucracy and don’t understand the extent of professional, cost-free help available to them.  Others are confused or discouraged by a complicated application process that differs from state to state.  Still others who feel the stigma associated with financial need, are culturally biased against asking for help beyond the family unit, and are wary of government involvement.  Single Stop removes such anxiety by offering an environment of trust and confidence.

With differing requirements for a multitude of public benefits, cutting through all the regulations can be confusing for experienced counselors, never mind families unfamiliar with the programs.  Single Stop does just that.  Single Stop brings a cadre of benefits and services together by using a web-based software tool called the Benefits Enrollment Network (BEN).

Single Stop works through a range of community-based partnerships to provide screening for, and access to, a wide range of government resources and cost-free legal, financial and tax preparation expertise – all in one location in each of the communities we serve.   Single Stop integrates its program of services locally, in trusted community-based organizations including health clinics, food pantries, job-training centers, and community colleges. In this way, we not only reach those individuals and families most in need, but we ensure that our model becomes both sustainable and scalable.

Single Stop operates as an intermediary organization, overseeing grants to more than 90 organizations and institutions including multi-service organizations, health centers, libraries, Veterans Administration Medical Centers, community colleges, legal service providers, financial providers and more. By implementing our model through local partners, Single Stop ensures that our services meet the specific needs of local communities and individuals most in need of our services.

Single Stop determines the effectiveness of its grantees through ongoing monitoring and evaluation. To support our grantees we share best practices and learnings to support their success.

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