Since 2008, Single Stop USA’s policy team has worked to increase economic opportunity and mobility by increasing access to benefits and services for eligible families.  Uniquely positioned to learn from Single Stop clients and coordinators on the ground, Single Stop’s policy team has developed and advanced a policy agenda in Washington DC and around the country.

We promote federal, state, and local policies that support access to benefits and improved coordination across programs to help families meet their basic needs and move up the economic ladder. Single Stop’s policy work focuses on improving the federal and state policies that impact benefits access and college completion, and building government relationships that will support our sites.

Our policy work includes:

  • Co-convening of a National Coalition for Access and Opportunity along with the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and First Focus.
  • Leading efforts to ensure that funds are dedicated to increasing benefits access and coordination through the dissemination of policy papers and through demonstration projects.
  • Testing innovations through public-private partnerships with local government. For example, providing joint online applications for health care and food stamps at our sites in New York City, and using webcams to meet the face-to-face interview requirement for food stamps at sites in San Francisco.


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