Statement of Programmatic Integrity and Ethics

Single Stop USA Statement of Programmatic Integrity and Ethics

Programmatic Integrity

We appreciate the work that each and every one of our partners does to help clients who are eligible for government benefits, tax credits and work supports to access those supports.  As we regularly communicate to our partners (in our program trainings, program meetings, contracts, emails and on our website), Single Stop is committed to maintaining the integrity of its programs, avoiding fraud and increasing the efficient use of government support programs.   Our work seeks to support low income individuals and families with their efforts to increase their well being, stabilize their economic situation and move up the educational and work force ladder.   However, we are committed to providing these services only to those individuals and families who are entitled to receipt of these supports under applicable law.

All site coordinators or any other Single Stop site staff are encouraged to alert both the relevant government agency and client if they believe that a client has received a government benefit, tax credit or work support erroneously; and that every step is taken to correct the error.


Single Stop USA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of programmatic quality and integrity, and works to combat fraud and abuse. Towards that end, Single Stop operates in full compliance with the law and requires Single Stop sites, Single Stop site coordinators and site service providers to do the same.

The submission of falsified or inaccurate paperwork is illegal and costly.  Those who work at or with Single Stop sites are required to report any suspicious information and must not aid in the submission of any falsified information.

If you have any questions about Single Stop’s commitment to program integrity, to combat fraud and to increase efficiency in government, please contact Angela Dorn, Single Stop’s COO and General Counsel at 212 480-2870.